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  • Marielen Cestari

How to photograph jewelry at home.

Do you need good photos of your products if you wanted to sell all of them? Yes, we all agree on it (we agree, right?)

Hiring a professional photographer is the best way to have good photos? Yes.

Can small businesses and entrepreneurs afford to hire a professional photographer? Unfortunately, sometimes they can not.

I made this post thinking of this person, who struggles trying to do all by himself. You're doing great, friend. Don't give up!

I'm showing two ways to shoot jewelry. I shot these two scenes with my iPhone (the cheapest one) and edit using Lightroom mobile app.

To photograph products at home you are going to need to set up a table close to the window. This is going to be your home studio. I'm showing my behind the scene on the next photos.

In one of the photos I used just a ribbon, the one that I saved from a gift, for a more classic style. To compose the second image, I used some flowers, and as the light was a little bit stronger, I incorporate the shadows on the photo.

Hope this post could help you at home. Tag me if you do it at home, I would love to see your photos!

Thank you!


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