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  • Marielen Cestari

How much for one stop motion?

How much does a stop motion cost? This is the question that I hear almost every single day.

Stop motion, as others creative works, isn’t so easy to calculate. The amount invested may vary a lot according to the project, even when we’re working with the same product.

I understand that price could be an issue for some business and knowing how much to invest it’s very important.

My job here it’s to help you understand a little bit about the process of stop motion prices. That’s why I’m showing three stop motion animations with a range price like we use to see at Google when we look out for a restaurant ( with $, $$ and $$$ to indicate the price).




What I like more about these stop motion animations is that all of them has so much magic on it that it’s impossible not to get our attention.

Hope this post helps you to understand that the amount invested on a stop motion could fit for any business, and the magic on it worst every single penny.

I’m waiting for your e-mail to book your stop motion right now!

Let’s make some magic and enchanted your clients!

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