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  • Marielen Cestari

Getting Clients!

You can have all the social tips and tricks, do all the dancing and have tons of followers. But, selling your products and booking new clients is what your business needs.

Let’s get into what is going to help you to archive your business success.

  1. Word-of-mouth marketing is the powerful forms of advertising. Well, nothing better than received a recommendation from a friend, right?

  2. Get yourself out. Talk with people about what do you do, let them know how proud you are about your job.

  3. Make your brand memorable. You can work with visual identity, you can have a personalised bags, you can develop a unique perfume, you can have amazing photos on your social media… there are lots of ways to get remembered by your costumers, you just need to find your way to do it.

Make sure you’re using all the tools to marketing your business, including good photos and stunning videos. I can help you with that, just give me a call.

Your clients are waiting to hearing from you!

See you soon,


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